The Model United Nations Society, RUMUN, is an award-winning simulation of the United Nations. RUMUN is rapidly developing a reputation as one of the best MUN societies in Britain and this year we hope to expand the society's reputation by sending delegations to an increasingly wide number of MUN conference. In addition to this, the society itself has also hosted four hugely successful conferences at the University of Reading which have drawn students from across the world.


RUMUN has also had an impact outside of the MUN world and has been instrumental in the creation of the Part 2 Politics & International Relations 'Model UN' Module, which facilitates the attendance of an eighteen-strong delegation to KULMUN (Leuven, Belgium) for free. Although the module is offered by the Politics and International Relations department, the module is open to students from all disciplines.


In-keeping with our outward-looking nature, RUMUN welcomess students from all departments and aims to promote an interest in topics that the UN champions such as international law, peace and security, human rights, environmental protection, and so on.


The nature of MUN also means that our members quickly gain important research skills as well as experience with negotiating, conflict-resolution, and document writing. Furthermore, the fact that MUN is an international phenomenon means that your MUN career is also likely to take you across the country and beyond!


RUMUN is always open to new members, just come along to any of our weekly sessions (Tuesdays at 19:00 in Edith Morley G27) during the Autumn and Spring Terms. You can keep up-to-date with our upcoming activities by joining our Facebook Group and following us on Twitter. Alternatively, you can contact the committee directly at information@rumun.org.

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